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Whether you’re looking for new construction, renovation, or post construction cleaning, we have you covered. 

Post Construction Cleaners

Whether you’re a builder tearing down and rebuilding a house or an average homeowner looking to make some improvements and renovations in your home or apartment, starting a construction project may be a significant undertaking. You can be tearing down and re-building walls, updating your kitchen and bathroom, or simply updating your cabinetry. Cleaning up after renovations can be really difficult once you’re done. Believe us.

The difficulty comes not just in removing the trash and massive building materials—the devil, as they say, is in the details. Dust is the major annoyance in this area. When exposed to it, it permeates furniture and carpets. Dust collects everywhere you can imagine, including inside of cabinets and on the inside of appliances as well as on windows, baseboards, floors, walls, and counters.

Fortunately, you have access to a reputable cleaning service that has expertise in cleaning up after construction. With almost 8 years of combined expertise, we have been cleaning homes in Edmonton and the surrounding areas following both minor renovations and major interior reconstruction projects. Despite the seemingly never-ending mess left behind by construction, our personnel has no trouble clearing up dust, dirt, and minor debris. We have worked with home builders, construction firms, real estate brokers, and homeowners, and we consistently receive positive comments. Because of this, we are sure you’ll be pleased with our post-renovation cleaning service.

We offer completely individualised post-construction cleaning services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Without any contracts, hourly work is acceptable to us. Our workforce is capable of following instructions and constantly ensures that our customers are completely delighted. Leave the cleaning to us if you already have your hands full with construction and remodelling. In order for you to enjoy your home as if it were brand new, we will take excellent care of it and leave it clean and free of dust.

Prices for Construction Cleaning Services In Edmonton

The question “How much would after construction cleanup cost us?” is one of the most frequently asked ones.

Simply said, the job’s complexity depends on the space’s square footage and the volume of construction-related dust and debris. We have completed projects ranging in cost from $400 for a two-bedroom apartment to tens of thousands of dollars for business structures. Here, you may get a sense of our cleaning costs.

The cost of post-construction cleaning is determined primarily by the location’s square footage and is billed by the hour. Only the services rendered are subject to payment.

To avoid any budgetary setbacks, we firmly advise you to give us a call before scheduling the post-construction cleaning service.

Do I have to be present for the cleaning after construction?

No. You don’t have to be there in person for the post-renovation cleaning to be completed as long as the cleaners may enter. The majority of clients either leave a lockbox or ask contractors to let the cleaning staff in.

Construction cleaning in Edmonton and the surrounding areas

We are an Edmonton-based cleaning service, and we occasionally provide services outside of our service area for a $75 extra. Remember that our staff is adaptable and prepared to travel for bigger post-construction projects.

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