Office Cleaning Services in Edmonton

At Pace Maids Edmonton, we continually work to provide the greatest value for expert cleaning and sanitising services in the greater Vancouver area. We are aware that every company has different cleaning requirements. Because of this, we provide a selection of scalable professional cleaning solutions to suit the needs and preferences of each of our clients. Every time their dedicated Pace Maids cleaning crew visits their premises, our clients experience a consistent, thorough clean.

Commercial Cleaning Services

You may feel secure knowing that your facility has been cleaned correctly and thoroughly using the most recent cleaning technology, by highly-trained employees, with reasonably priced janitorial services and disinfection services from Pace Maids Edmonton. Our non-toxic cleaning and disinfection techniques won’t endanger your staff or visitors and won’t harm any surfaces on your premises. By selecting Pace Maids for your commercial cleaning needs, your space will be healthier, cleaner, and more durable for your furniture and other fixtures.

Building cleaning

Professional office and commercial cleaning services are offered by Pace Maids Edmonton in Edmonton. Every cleaning programme is tailored to the unique requirements of your workplace and is carried out by our Pace Maids cleaning teams, who are properly qualified and insured. The job of Pace Maids is assured. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the cleaning that was scheduled, we’ll come back and do it again promptly and without charging you more. We take providing for our clients seriously!

Commercial cleaning services we offer:

One of the top 10 best cleaning services in Edmonton as well as one of the top five best janitorial services in Edmonton are Pace Maids.

Not just cleaning, though!

Several commercial cleaning services are available from Pace Maids to a range of Edmonton companies, including:

Janitorial  services

services for electrostatic disinfection

Care for hard floors

Power washing

window washing

Our cleaning services can be customised to fit the requirements of various enterprises, including offices, dining establishments, retail stores, huge warehouses, institutions of higher learning, hospitals, and properties under property management.

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Pace Maids can help you get your interior home looking great with top-quality cleaning services and will ensure that everything is done to perfection. Whether you need one time or custom cleaning for a room or an entire home, we have what it takes to make everyone happy.

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