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Move out Cleaning Edmonton

move in move out cleaning edmonton

It can be incredibly stressful to move without a move out cleaning service in Edmonton AB. During the relocation, the number of things you must balance, figure out, and navigate can be overwhelming. Obtaining the keys, making plans with movers, packing your boxes, setting up and purchasing furnishings are all activities that might mount up and consume a lot of energy. Just as crucial as hiring dependable movers who will show up on time, promptly, and efficiently is hiring qualified and dependable personnel to clean your house after you move out and/or before you move into your new house. Therefore, there is no need to search further if you need trustworthy move-in cleaning services in Edmonton. At Pace Maids we make it easy to get your security deposit back, because our house cleaning experts use the best cleaning products, to get your move out and move in cleaning for a clean home. 

Edmonton Move In Move Out Cleaning Services

For your Edmonton move out cleaning, you don’t want to leave a mess behind when you leave a place. Our move in cleaning service in Edmonton AB can help, whether you have a spill in the cabinets, dust behind the furniture, or need to give your surfaces and sinks one more rinse. You know it’s only polite to clean up after yourself, whether you were a kind tenant or a responsible homeowner, no one wants to move in and see a dirty home. You can rely on our move in cleaning service to make a good impression on you after you’ve moved out, relieving you of that extra burden. We will ensure sure there are no traces of food, dust, or moving, such as footprints.

Similar to this, you have a lot on your mind when moving into a new location. Obtaining the keys, moving, and updating the billing address. Furthermore, you probably want the new house to be pristine and free of any traces of the prior occupants or tenants. We’ll do our best with what you’ve got even though you presumably want your stove and refrigerator to seem like a new home. You want your windows to be free of any smudges, stains, fog, or dust. Additionally, even if the space was cleaned before you moved in to the new home, you frequently want to give it a second look with a mop and rag to “clean the pallet.” Sadly, not all residents are considerate or have enough time to clean up after themselves. That’s why most people hire house cleaning services to move in and see a clean home. Our clients say we are the best move in cleaning company for a reason, it’s because we keep the best cleaning team we find. 

Move in move out cleaners in Edmonton ready to clean last minute

Moving can be a stressful and time-consuming process, and one of the most daunting tasks is ensuring that your home is clean and ready for your new tenants. That’s where move-out cleaning services come in. These professional cleaners offer a range of services, including dusted surfaces, thorough vacuuming, and deep cleaning of floors and carpets. Whether you need residential cleaning services or are moving into an apartment in Edmonton, moving out cleaning services can help to ensure that your home is thoroughly prepared before you go. And as an added bonus, they will work around your schedule to make sure the process goes smoothly and with minimal disruption. So if you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to getting your home ready for a move, look no further than move-out cleaning services in Edmonton!

Consequently, Pace Maids is ready to assist you whether you are moving in or out. We are aware of the strain the move is putting on you. And we pledge to take excellent care of the location you are leaving and/or the home you are moving into to ease your transition. All sideboards, windowsills, appliances, kitchen and counters, sinks, bathrooms, and cupboards will be cleaned as part of our deep cleaning routine. Our crew will go above and above to ensure that you are delighted and at ease moving into your new clean and odor-free house and that you are at ease leaving a clean and thorough place behind you.

We will work on your moving cleaning checklist

You merit a treat after spending your long days moving and unpacking. Our cleaning services, available when you need them most, might be that incentive. Foot traffic can scratch  wiped clean baseboards, repeatedly shifting items into a new location might track dirt into the house, and so forth. It’s a big deal to move into or out of your dream house. Leave the move in/move out cleaning in Edmonton to us so that you can concentrate on celebrating or feeling nostalgic.

Move out cleaners Edmonton

Our move out cleaning staff are professional and caring. We put a lot of effort into gaining our clients’ trust and offering cleaning services we can be pleased to put our name on! Our Cleaning specialists will make your new home sparking clean, and the move out cleaning we provide will ensure, your landlord, or your management company conducts an inspection as part of our commitment to ensuring the complete satisfaction of every client.

Move in cleaning cost in Edmonton

move out cleaning services edmonton

First of all, we simply require that we have access to your home so that the cleaning may be done; you do not need to be at home when our cleaning staff arrives. Even when we depart, we’ll lock up so you may go about your business.

The duration of our visits varies depending on a wide range of factors. However, cleaning a one-bedroom apartment with a bathroom can take up to three hours, and cleaning a four-bedroom apartment might take up to seven hours.

Since moving out involves additional cleaning above and beyond our usual rates, it will cost an additional $99.99 or $249.99 depending on how big the home is.

Our costs for move-in and move-out cleaning are clear-cut. They vary depending on how many bedrooms you have in your apartment or home.

$279 for a studio or one bedroom plus GST

$329 plus GST for a two-bedroom home.

a three-bedroom house would cost $429 plus GST.

$578 plus GST for a four-bedroom home.

a five-bedroom house costs $628 plus GST.

Interior window cleaning, wall washing, and window blinds cleaning are optional additions (not included in our standard Move in cleaning price).


cleaning every surface in every room till it sparkles like new, and deep cleaning those areas that were previously difficult to access or hidden

Our move out cleaning service in Edmonton is the  best cleaning services for a move out clean for the most affordable price. Our costs are in line with our value we provide.

Our move out cleaning services does not include, unless added as a extra are: Window blinds, inside windows, garage or balcony sweep,  any sort of wall washing, and areas such as the basement is not included in our base price. So make sure you ask for this in advance to ensure you get your security deposit back. 

Things we can’t clean in our move out cleaning services that are too high or damageable is light fixtures and ceiling fans. There is also no way we clean homes if there is no water, water damage, extreme amount of grime, mold removal, mold remediation, or heavy scrubbing of walls. 

Our customer satisfaction guarantee is, you will be happy with your cleaning services. We stand by our 100% guarantee which means as long as you let us know within 24 hours of your cleaning that something was missed, we will come back and re-clean the areas missed.

Yes, our move out cleaning service brings the best cleaning products for your cleaning needs. 

This means our move out cleaning service packages do not work for you, Please let us know in advance and we will discuss the custom quote under our maid service packages.

We charge a flat rate price estimate for move in move out cleans. This means we have set packages that you would choose from. It also means we do not provide custom cleaning packages, bi weekly services, or custom requests for move in move out cleanings

Unfortunately we do not provide carpet cleaning as a service because our cleaning team is not trained for this specialty service. The reason why is, it is a totally different service, and requires a truckmount and expensive equipment. If there are  cleaning businesses who who offer a move in move out cleaning with a carpet cleaning package, be cautious as they will most likely not use anything professional grade for your carpets. 

move out cleaning edmonton

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